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Warm Up 4, 100% - This desensitization makes us feel as...

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Shelby L. Smith 10-11-10 Professor Kennedy EH 102 Apathy’s Edge Thievery, deception, and all forms of evil stem from America’s worst problem and that problem is apathy. Apathy is something that is a growing problem in America and we, the American public, are contributing greatly to this rise of uncaring minds. The very music and television programs that we watch are covered in violence, pornography, and explicit language to the point where it is desensitizing.
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Unformatted text preview: This desensitization makes us feel as though, no matter what happens, it is ok as long as it does not affect us directly. The problem with this thought pattern is that it leads to violence and crime rising because people loose their inability to be empathetic. If every person does not care about his fellow man, then why should man as a whole care about any one person?...
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