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Course information EH102 Fall 100

Course information EH102 Fall 100 - EH 102-3BA/English...

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EH 102-3BA/English Composition II 5:30-6:45 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays Room 436 HB Fall 2010 Instructor: Joey Kennedy e-mail: [email protected] English Dept. Phone: 934-4250 (leave a message) Office Hours (adjunct office on 3 rd floor): Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:45-8:15 p.m. Or by appointment Last day to withdraw: Friday, Oct. 29, 2010 COURSE INFORMATION REQUIRED TEXTS : Writing Arguments, 8th edition. Ramage, Bean, and Johnson, New York: Pearson, 2010. (ISBN: 0-321-41290-7). The University Writing Web. UAB Custom Edition (with MyCompLab access code). New York: Pearson Custom Publishing. Latest edition. A college dictionary and thesaurus COURSE REQUIREMENTS : Four out-of-class writing assignments with research and documentation, three essay responses, daily writing, a portfolio, and, any other work as assigned by the instructor. Each student’s participation during class is essential. Students are required to respect one another and the instructor. Side discussions and/or talking “over” someone will not be tolerated in this class. Working on a computer during class discussions and lectures is prohibited, though computers can be used to take notes. COURSE DESIGN, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: English 102 focuses on argument. Each composition is to forward an unambiguous claim supported by evidence that incorporates external sources documented in MLA style. Dealing with complex reasoning and use of external sources are important elements of English 102. At the same time, students should continue to improve their style and facility with Standard Edited American English. While many of the rhetorical patterns of development common to English 101 will be used to develop the argument, students should be aware that the primary purpose of argument is to change opinion and/or move the audience to action. In English 102, all stages of the writing process should stress development and support of critical reasoning. Mechanically and grammatically adept papers that lack serious, well- reasoned content should not be considered acceptable at this level. Final copies of all essays and writing assignments are to be placed in a portfolio that is collected on the last day of class.
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The goals and objectives of EH 102 are for students to produce logical analytical and argumentative essays that demonstrate understanding of the writing outcomes advocated by the Council of Writing Program Administrators: rhetorical knowledge; critical thinking, reading, and writing; processes; and knowledge of conventions. Course assignments conform to the guidelines of Alabama’s Articulation and General Studies Committee (AGSC). 1. Rhetorical Knowledge + The student responds to different kinds of rhetorical situations. + The student uses conventions of format and structure appropriate to the rhetorical situation.
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