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Tattoo - Also I want what is called a rose belt to go...

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Shelby L. Smith 9-22-10 EH 102 Mr. Kennedy Title I have grown up in a family where tattoos, piercings, and even various hair colors are considered very taboo subjects not to be discussed or even thought about to often. With all of this in mind it stands to reason that I should never want a tattoo to grace my body. The only problem with this sentence is that I do want one, and I will have one. For me, my body is a temple and the one thing that is solely mine, at least until marriage. This is why I want a tattoo, I have never seen a beautiful temple with plain floors and white washed walls. The tattoo that I want is one that has a deep connection to everything that is about me. One day I plan on having what is considered a full back tattoo, meaning that I want the entire tattoo to span from shoulder to shoulder and also from the base of my neck to my lower back. It will be a black and white tattoo of wings, big beautiful angel wings that will look as life like as possible.
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Unformatted text preview: Also I want what is called a rose belt to go around my waist. This is exactly what it sounds like, a belt made of conjoined roses, and yes, I do want this one in very detailed color. These tattoos will symbolize, at least in my mind, the entirety of my life. I was born into a family that, although they love me, did not quite understand me. My family , friends, and even people in authority have always tried to lead me down a more conservative path such as those found in the medical field and law practice but this is simply not who I am. Each of these people swore that I would be perfect for this or that field, but I am a free spirit in need of a career, in need of a life that will let me be free. The wings symbolize who I am as well as who I am becoming. The rose belt symbolizes the idea that I love my family and friends dearly, but I do not love the fact that they are always trying to hold me down with sweet words and kind hearts....
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Tattoo - Also I want what is called a rose belt to go...

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