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Shelby L. Smith 9-13-10 Professor Kennedy EH 102 Dating Lies, Courting Tries Broken homes, psychological disorders, and bitter resentment; is this really all the American public can look forward to in future relationships? One study showed that of all married peoples, almost half are doomed to end in divorce for their first marriage with the chance of failure increasing drastically to 70% by the third marriage (Divorce Statistics in America Para. 1). When looking at these statistics many begin to wonder why our relationships tend to end so sourly, and the reason can be found in the fundamental beginnings of the relationship in question. The dictionary describes dating as “to go out in romantic interludes”, and nowhere in this definition can we find the keys of marriage—persistence and commitment (Dating Definition). In American culture, the idea is that if a man or woman can find at least a feeble connection with one of many partners, the rest can be worked out later. The problem lies in that while a match has been made, the pieces of the puzzle are not exactly compatible with each other. Courting on the other hand, is described as being “a pursuit for the affections of marriage” and is heavily laden with the keys of a successful relationship (Courting Definition). It only takes an initial spark to start a fire, but it takes a great deal of effort to keep the flame from becoming extinguished and relationships are the exact same way. A fire that is built slowly and consistently
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will burn far longer and brighter than one that is hastily thrown together. It is the same concept as a relationship built steadily by courting will last longer than a quick fling, which came about by dating. When looking for a possible marriage companion, unlike dating, even the very beginnings of a courting relationship protects the best interest of both people involved and the disadvantages of courting are far outweighed by the strong relationships that are allowed to flourish.
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Courting Paper, 98% - Shelby L. Smith 9-13-10 Professor...

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