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courting outline - 1 You know their faith 2 You know their...

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I. Courting is the best way develop relationships a. Many people do not understand the difference between dating and courting b. Courting as a way to find a mate c. Dating as a way to get a “quick fix” II. How does it occur a. Courting develops over a period of time, beginning with friendship b. Dating often happens “on the fly” with acquaintances III. How does Courting benefit both people? a. Courting allows you to know the “unabridged edition” of the person
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Unformatted text preview: 1. You know their faith 2. You know their family 3. You know their faults b. Dating allows for the condensed version 1. You know their name 2. You know their number 3. You know their “no’s” IV.Debatable disadvantages of courting a. Time 1. Courting correctly does take more time 2. Dating happens much more rapidly b. Boundaries 1. Courting requires physical boundaries to be set 2. Dating does not require such clear boundaries...
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