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Warm Up 1, 100% - the arts I wish to live near a waterfall...

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Shelby L. Smith 8-23-10 EH 102 Mr. Kennedy Not Quite the Homemaker When I was younger I was told that I would never amount to much, well not much by my standards at least. I was to grow up, get married, and raise a lot of children. I was to have a country home and be the devoted wife and mother just as my mother and her mother and her mother’s mother before her had done. This is who I was supposed to become, but not who I chose to be. After college I plan on becoming a design artist for a non-profit organization such as “To Write Love On Her Arms” and also write music for professional singers of all genres. If I find someone along the way, I would love to get married but only if they also share a love for people and a love for
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Unformatted text preview: the arts. I wish to live near a waterfall in the Indonesian jungle at some point and home school my children if I ever have them. I want my future children to be happy with themselves, but also be able to function in a highly globalized society. Art will be the medium that I use to try and bring about change in society. My perfect job would be, as I said before, with an organization such as To Write Love On Her Arms –TWLOHA for short- where I could couple my passion for art with my passion for people. I want to make a difference in this world, but I also want to live my life so that I will never have to say the words “I wish”....
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