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23:55 Shelby Leigh Smith Anthropology 106 Dr. Jones 1. Describe what is displayed, what this park is about, and what is being portrayed about the human past, Birmingham’s history; the metal industry; be sure to note the specific material items (architecture) and any text or interpretive material accompanying this data. What is displayed at Sloss Furnaces is just that, a metal working furnace factory by the Sloss Company that came into use during the 1800’s. The park is about showing people the proud history of Birmingham’s beginnings and how the iron industry helped shape Birmingham, Alabama into the “magic city” of commerce and industry that it is today. This is a common theme on many of the exhibits at Sloss and can also be seen by the giant water tower in the middle of the factory grounds that bears its name. This rower is so high that it could be seen from miles around and would let people know that this was a place for industry to occur. This also is an example of people moving from an age of agriculture to one of industry and how we as a human culture are depleting our natural resources (this is one of the main reasons that Sloss was shut down). One placard also talked about the segregation that took place during Sloss’s hay day and how the “Sloss Quarters” were developed mainly for black families- these were later torn down because they fell into such disrepair.
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2. Identify what specific human cultural systems or aspects of life are being interpreted and which are not portrayed much or at all. What does the Sloss tour say about the people who worked here and what their lives were like? What material culture aspects or artifacts of the park speak to these issues? Man’s desire to make bigger and greater things is seen here in Birmingham’s founding
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slossfurnace - 23:55 Shelby Leigh Smith Anthropology 106...

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