ANTH Lecture 1 and 2 - Instructor:Dr.SharynJones...

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Instructor: Dr. Sharyn Jones Lecture 1, 8-17-10 TA’s email: How to get an A in this class: 1. Come to Class 2. Do the assigned work 3. be respectful 4. keep an open mind 5. Communicate Lecture 2, 8-19-10 Watch Baraka on Blackboard Prehistory- everything before the written record, approximately 5,000 years ago;  assumes there is something before written records. Antiquity- if something is 50 years or more old, then it is considered antique by  archaeologist. AD- In the year of our Lord BC- Before Christ CE- Common Era BCE- Before the Common Era C.-Century Ya- years ago
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Kya- thousand years ago Emic- insider Etic- outsider Public Archaeology- Archaeology- one of 4 subfields within the heading of anthropology Anthropology- the study of humans and their ancestors Anthropology study past, present, and future; study biology and culture; study  holistic and historic
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ANTH Lecture 1 and 2 - Instructor:Dr.SharynJones...

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