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Ch 6 - Chloroplast process energy in plant cells Vacuoles...

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Ch 6 Plant cells- cell wall & cell wall& cell membrane - Chloroplast Animal cell- cell membrane - Mitochondria Components of eukaryotic cells - Nucleus- control center of the cell - protects DNA - nucleolus- make ribosomal RNA Endomembrane system 1. rough ER- ribosomes & secretes (makes) Protein 2. Smooth ER- synthesize lipids 3. Golgi- detoxification Peroxisomes- detoxify (neutralizes), found in smooth ER- white blood cells Lysomsomes- degrade materials in cells vaporize - taysacks Mitochondria- process energy in eukaryotic cells- cristae- folds within the mitochondria
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Unformatted text preview: Chloroplast- process energy in plant cells Vacuoles- used for storage inside the cell Complex cell- small vacuole Simple cell- large vacuoles 2 things that help cells move- flagella-cilia 3 types of cytoskeleton- 1. Microfilament- helps muscles contract. 2. Intermediate filament- shows where cancer originated from. 3. Microtubules- separate chromatids Centrioles- wjere microtubules come from 3 junctions-1. Tight junctions- don’t let things through 2. Anchoring junctions- join 2 cells together 3. Gap junctions...
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