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Practice Problems for Chapter 7 BSC2010 Fall 10 1. A cell is in a solution of 40% water. If this cell swells, what can you state about the relationship of the cell to its solution? 2. A bacteria in a pond is 90 % solvent. If the pond contains 30 % solute what will happen to the bacteria? Is the pond hypertonic, isotonic or hypotonic to the bacteria? 3. Two cells are in a beaker. Cell A shrinks and cell B explodes. What is the relationship
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Unformatted text preview: of cell A to cell B? What is the relationship of the solution to cells A and B? 4. If a cell is 90 % water and it is in a solution that is 10% salt, what will happen to the cell? 5. There are 5 cells in a beaker. Cell A crenates, Cell B remains unchanged, Cell C swells, cell D lyses and cell E becomes even smaller than Cell A. What is the relation ship of each cell to its solution?...
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