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BSC 2010C Practice Problems For Test 1 Fall 2008 PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PROVIDE EVERY TOPIC OR AN EXAMPLE OF EVERY TYPE OF QUESTION ON A SAMPLE TEST. SO PLEASE USE YOUR NOTES AND BOOK AS A GUIDE FOR STUDY AND SUPPLEMENT THAT WITH INFORMATION GIVEN IN CLASS. 1. According to the octet rule, the distribution of electrons in a sulfur atom ( atomic number 16) is: a. 1,4,4 b. 2,6,8 c. 2,8,6 d. 2,8,8 e. 6,8,2 2. An atom with 15 protons will have how many electrons in its outermost orbital? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 5 e. 8 3. If the hydroxide concentration of a solution is 10 -4 , the hydrogen ion concentration is: a. 10 -2 b. 10 -4 c. 10 -8 d. 10 -10 e. 10 -14 4. The kingdoms whose members are multicellular are: a. protista, monera b. animalia, plantae, protista c. animalia, plantae, monera d. animalia, plantae, fungi e. protista, fungi,monera f. none of these are correct
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5. The valence of an atom with five electrons is: a. 5 b. 7 c. 3 d. 2 e. 1 6. A substance you tested yesterday had a pH of 2. After addition of a buffer you test this substance again and the pH is 14. What is the change in the hydrogen ion concentration? a. there are one million times more hydrogen ions b. there are 10 9 times more hydrogen ions c. there are 10 11 times more hydrogen ions d. there are 11 times more hydrogen ions e. none of these answers are correct f. more than one of these answers is correct 7. A substance has a hydroxide concentration of .000001M. What is the pH? a.
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Practice_problems_for_Test_1_Fall2008 - BSC 2010C Practice...

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