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BSC 2010C Practice Problems For Test 1 Fall 2008 PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO PROVIDE EVERY TOPIC OR AN EXAMPLE OF EVERY TYPE OF QUESTION ON A SAMPLE TEST. SO PLEASE USE YOUR NOTES AND BOOK AS A GUIDE FOR STUDY AND SUPPLEMENT THAT WITH INFORMATION GIVEN IN CLASS. 1. According to the octet rule, the distribution of electrons in a sulfur atom ( atomic number 16) is: a. 1,4,4 b. 2,6,8 c. 2,8,6 d. 2,8,8 e. 6,8,2 2. An atom with 15 protons will have how many electrons in its outermost orbital? 3. If the hydroxide concentration of a solution is 10 -4 , the hydrogen ion concentration is: 4. The kingdoms whose members are multicellular are:
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5. The valence of an atom with five electrons is: a. 5 b. 7 c. 3 d. 2 e. 1 6. A substance you tested yesterday had a pH of 2. After addition of a buffer you test this substance again and the pH is 14. What is the change in the hydrogen ion concentration?
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