Statistics - is set of categories, classes or type. Nominal...

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Statistics is the science of the collection, organization, and interpretation of data. Population is everything you wish to study Variable is a characteristic of each experimental unit. Sample is a subset of the population. Census is a study of the entire population. Sampling Error is the difference between the characteristic of the entire population and the sample. Parameter describes the population. Statistic is a number that describes a sample. n = Sample Size N = Population Size Qualitative Data
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Unformatted text preview: is set of categories, classes or type. Nominal Data is data that is randomly ordered. Ordinal Data is data that is ordered in a certain way. Quantitative Data is numeric. Discrete is countable #, isolated point. Continuous is not accurate. Outlier is an extreme value. Sample Variance, S 2 , is the average of the squared deviation of the data values from the sample mean. = . = + + . x Total x1 x2 x3 etc = + + . x2 x12 x22 x32etc S 2 = *-( - ) n x2 x2n n 1...
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