Test 3 Review Problems - T3 Practice Questions for Mitosis...

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T3 Practice Questions for Mitosis, Meiosis and Genetics Problems Chapters 12-15 Bsc2010 Fall 09 1. In tigers 2n = 72; this means: a. there are 72 homologues b. there are 72 pairs of chromosomes c. there are 36 tetrads d. there are 36 homologous pairs e. more than one of the above is correct f. no correct answer 2. Checkpoints within the cell cycle: a. are located within interphase and allow entry to G 0 b. are located within G1, S and G2 c. are located within G1, M and G2 d. are located within G1, M, S and G2 You may use the following choices once more than once or not at all to fill in the appropriate words in questions 3 and 4 below. Multiple answers per question are required. a. sister chromatids b. homologous chromosomes c. diploid d. not replicated e. replicated 3. During G1 after Mitosis the DNA in the cell is ______and _________. 4. _______ are present during meiosis 1 Prophase, when the cell is _________ and the DNA in the cell is _________ . 5. Normal cells are: a. anchorage dependent, density independent, division limited b. density dependent, anchorage independent, division not limited c. density dependent, anchorage dependent, division limited Use the answer choices below to answer question 6. You may use each answer more than once if necessary a.G0 b.G2 c.S d.M e.G1
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6. MPF peaks in ________ and is at its lowest concentrations in_______ , while cyclin gradually increases in concentration in ________ and is at its lowest concentration in _______. 7. Two chromatids that are attached by a centromere: a. contain identical genetic information b. contain different genetic information c. sometimes do and sometimes do not contain identical genetic information, because crossing over may have occurred 8. MAD genes produce a protein that can: a. activate p53 directly b. causes nondisjunstion c. promotes chaismata formation d. promote synapsis e. interrupt the cell cycle A cell is 2n = 26. It completes meiosis. 9. What is the relationship of the amount of DNA as compared between the stages
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Test 3 Review Problems - T3 Practice Questions for Mitosis...

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