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Practice Test – Chapters 23 and 24 Fall 2009 Please note: While you have been introduced to Hardy-Weinberg problems in BSC 2010, for the final exam you will only be expected to understand the two formulas (see questions 9 and 10). Below are 10 questions to help you prepare for the final exam. Questions are followed by the answers. 1. Which of the following is the most widely accepted unit of evolution? a. gene b. chromosome c. individual d. population e. species 2. Gene pool is a concept best used to describe all genes in a _____________ at any one time: a. species b. population c. location d. chromosome e. individual 3. __________________ occurs when heterozygotes have greater survivorship than homozygotes. a. heterozygote protection b. diploidy c. heterozygote advantage d. homozygotic pressure e. none of the above is the correct answer 4. True or False: The initial block to gene flow is a geographical barrier in sympatric speciation. a. True
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WaltersPracticeTestChapters23-24 - Practice Test Chapters...

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