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Backhaus1 Beau Backhaus Mr. Keller English 1001 Date 12/8/10 To Go To War Once a reader gets done reading Robin Lakoff’s article “The Power of Words in Wartime,” they might be a little confused on where she stands on war. At the start of the article, she explains how we come up with names for our enemies and how it makes the stresses and obstacles of war less difficult. Then she goes on to argue that these words make opportunities for cruel torture and mistreatments. By doing this, though, Lakoff makes herself very credible by stating both sides of a very touchy subject. As we all know going to war is a horrible thing. Some countries go to war based on different tribal beliefs, while others go in to defend what somebody has taken away. No matter what the case is we all go into it thinking the same thing. We think that the other side or “the enemy” (Lakoff129) is doing the wrong thing. As far back as time can go we have made war more tolerable by giving the other side a dirty nickname. In Robin Lakoff’s article she explains that concept. If you go into war by calling them a name , for example Kraut for German or Gook for Asians, you do not see them as an individual person you see them as a disturbed group of people. So when you do decide to pull that trigger you do not see them, a person, as a person. The entire sociological concept behind war is then made. Like Lakoff goes on to say in her article “American soldiers are trained to call those they are fighting against “the enemy”.” (Lakoff130). Once you get this mind set, though, you become to think
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Essay 1 - Backhaus1 Beau Backhaus Mr Keller English 1001...

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