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Essay 3 - Nuclear Energy

Essay 3 - Nuclear Energy - Backhaus 1 Beau Backhaus Mr...

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Backhaus 1 Beau Backhaus Mr. Keller English 1001 November 8, 2010 Is It Worth It? Imagine you are the CEO of BP Oil and one day you are sitting in your office and you get a call that says “Sir Rig One has run dry”. The days, weeks, months go by and you get more and more calls about your oil rigs running out of oil. Thus oil starts to become scarce and prices get driven way up. What do you do, what can you do? With our heavy reliance of oil as our main source of power what happens when it is all gone? What will we rely on next? Let’s brainstorm for a second, can we rely on solar or wind to satisfy our energy hunger? No, the problems with these sources are, they are unreliable and not efficient enough to supply this country in the long run. Maybe we could turn to hydro power? The problem with using a dam is the costs of building one are way too high and causing a disruption to the river could destroy that ecosystem. In our struggle for energy, the next step to find a replacement for fossil fuels is nuclear energy. This proposal is not stating that we should have this as our only source of energy but the upsides have a larger and greater effect over the downsides of nuclear energy. As stated before sooner or later we are simply just going to run out of oil, and that day is coming sooner than later. The problem with oil is we need such a large amount of it to produce so little kilowatts of energy, meaning it takes a lot to get a little. One of the advantages of nuclear energy is that it does the exact opposite; it can produce a boat load of energy with only using a fine amount of uranium (the fuel for nuclear power plants). Let’s put this into comparison with oil and coal. As John and Greg put it on their website thinkquest.org, “One ton of uranium
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Backhaus 2 produces more energy than is produced by several million tons of coal or several million barrels of oil” (John and Greg). This is one well stated statistic. If we need less fuel to get the same if not more energy, then this means the cost of paying for electricity goes down because the demand won’t be as severe as a depleting oil reserve would be. After the last statistic if you are thinking cool since you need less of it to burn than that
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Essay 3 - Nuclear Energy - Backhaus 1 Beau Backhaus Mr...

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