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Backhaus1 Beau Backhaus Mr. Keller English 1001 December 7, 2010 Jumping Borders For generations now people have been coming into foreign countries legally or illegally to find new jobs that exceed their wages within their domestic country. In Vivienne Walt and Amanda Bower’s TIME narrative “Follow the Money” explains just that; the struggles and hardship of migrants that work over borders. It does not matter where the job is if it succeeds the one they have in their own country they will pursue that job; this can be persuaded by the title follow the money. To back up this fact the authors composed stories of various people with different backgrounds and cultures. They also bring into the narrative economists and facts from the World Bank. After reading the narrative “Follow the Money”, it is not stating that we need to change the way migrants come to other countries for work. It is testifying that we need to open our eyes to how people will do anything for their families. The narrative starts out by explaining the Diabira family and their generations of migrants that come over borders in search for money and jobs. The story goes on to explain the Zamora family and how their dad paid a guy to take him over the border to the United States. Throughout this short story it gives examples upon examples of families lives. In some countries it is not only enough to work a steady job in your home country. Most of the time to support your family you have to jump borders and stop at nothing to fill the needs of your family you left back at home.
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Backhaus2 Within this narrative the authors use numerous accounts of fathers leaving there families in search for work.
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Essay 4 - Backhaus1 Beau Backhaus Mr Keller English 1001...

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