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Beau Backhaus English 11/16/2010 Short Write 1 Without having events to move a story or article forward what kind of narrative do you have, you don’t; this is why the plot is one of the most critical things to have in a story. After reading Chang-Rae Lee’s article, Mute in an English-Only World, the plot gives specific examples of how hard it is to live in a new country and try and pick up its customs and language. Throughout Lee’s story he keeps on adding to the plot by telling a more embarrassing story of how his mother got into situations where her English would fall apart. At the start of his story Lee goes on to explain how his mother would slap him when he mimicked his teachers, father, and even her speaking tongue. She would do this because she could not speak the English
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Unformatted text preview: language that well, thus she had to have a phrase book. Lee adds to the plot by telling a story on how she would go to the post office and her language would fall apart. The major story that Lee tells is when his mother went into a new butcher shop where she didn’t even know how the “take a number system worked”. Once she got a number and it was called she froze and said what she wanted in Korean, her native language. When she did this the butcher just ignored her and called the next number. Then she busted through the door got in the car and with her newly found driving skills backed up traffic. Throughout these major events you would not even have a story to begin with. That is why the plot is essential in telling any type of story style writing....
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