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SW 3D - to mock people This does not sit well with the...

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Beau Backhaus English 11/23/2010 Short Write 3 Mute in an English-Only World Being Korean in your culture you are supposed to be humble – meaning no mimicking or making fun of people. The mother goes to the stores where she does not have to speak when shopping. In Korea only the upper class have cars, so when the mother gets one she has trouble driving it. The mother carries around a translating book to speak and understand English The mother gets nervous when put on the spot, thus her English crumbles How do these cultural values come out in the story? Like most immigrants that come to America at first it is overwhelming and hard to get a handle on the English culture. In “Mute in an English-Only World” it displays just how hard it can be. In the begging of the story Lee’s son picks up the English language quick and starts
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Unformatted text preview: to mock people. This does not sit well with the mother because she finds the language to be hard. As the story progresses Lee tells us that his mother does not go into stores where she has to use English. By doing this it’s a win-win for both parties. Then the story progresses in telling us that Korean people are not use to driving because the mother floods the engine in the middle of the street and blocks traffic. Since she has a strong background she gets embarrassed when she is forced to speak English. For example in the butcher shop when she gets put on the spot her English altogether crumbles, thus saying the Korean word for oxtails....
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