2SW 1 - These stories were the effect of snow on the...

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Beau Backhaus 2/21/2011 Ms. Bobbitt Short Write Two - Heavy Wet Snow o Meterologist o Snow Fall Across State o Radar of Weather o Traffic in Snow - Budget Protest “Day 6” o Comments from Scott Walker - MPS No school Monday - Milwaukee Arch Bishop o Saying to love they neighbor o Opposing Scott Walker o A Resolution is found - Super Bowl – Ticket Lawsuit
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o Reactions of Packer Fans that lost their seats o How the contractors couldn’t finish seats While watching the news last night the stories that Fox Six talked about are listed above. Fox Six put first the stories that happened today and are the most important. These stories consisted of the amount of snow we received today and how the snow affected the Budget Protest; which is in its sixth day. Then Fox Six News based their next stories off of the main first couple stories.
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Unformatted text preview: These stories were the effect of snow on the schools and what the Arch Bishop thinks of the Budget Protest. To wrap it up they talked about the Super Bowl Ticket Lawsuit and how the NFL and fans have still not have come to a compromise. Fox Six News wants to catch the viewer’s attention with exciting and compelling stories right off the bat. That is why they picked stories that matter. For example the viewer may know what is going on in Madison right now so they air the stories that are about the Protest. Fox Six does not want to leave their viewer waiting for stories that matter to them. They also put in more related stories that are about the main stories. They do this to show how the rest of Wisconsin feels about the stories that are being told....
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2SW 1 - These stories were the effect of snow on the...

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