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2SW3 - the United States The pirates had plans to take the...

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Beau Backhaus 2/25/2011 Ms. Bobbitt Short Write Three - UPDATE 5-Pirates kill four U.S. Hostages near Somalia After a U.S. Special Forces team took control of the yacht Quest they killed two pirates and found two more dead and the four American hostages dead as well. Once the Navy heard gunfire coming from the yacht they stormed and seized the yacht and took 15 pirates captive. Two Somali pirates were interviewed and said “we ordered our comrades to kill the four Americans before they got killed.” - 4 American hostages killed by pirates When a U.S. Special Operations Team stormed the yacht they found four travelers in there 50’s to 60’s murdered by Somali Pirates. After the pirates fired a RPG at a USS destroyer and shots were heard from the yacht the Navy took action. The Americans plans were to sail through the Mediterranean to the Greek islands. - Somali pirates threaten to murder more hostages after deaths of four Americans After the murder of the four Americans the 15 Somali pirates detained could face trial in
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Unformatted text preview: the United States. The pirates had plans to take the hostages inland to get away from the Navy operations. Pirate leaders have now told there captains to tell navies not to approach or hostages would be killed. Within these three articles we see that there are some similarities and differences. Some of things that are common within these articles is that they all get across the point that four American citizens were killed by a group of Somalia pirates. The articles also get across that the U.S. Navy is taking care of the job. We also see some differences like some articles focus more in on the reactions of the pirates. While others like the American newspapers focused in on the four dead Americans and what they were doing when they were taken hostage. If you look at the articles more closely you see more and more similarities and differences....
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