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RC 2 - Midterm Course Evaluation

RC 2 - Midterm Course Evaluation - Why 4 What changes...

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Engl 1002 Sec. 103/9 Ms. Bobbitt Checking In: Midterm Course Evaluation 1. At this point, what would you say are the top three important things you’ve learned in the course? 2. What activities or other aspects of the course have been most helpful to your learning in the first two units? 3. What has been the most challenging/frustrating/confusing aspects of English 2 so far for you?
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Unformatted text preview: Why? 4. What changes during the remainder of the semester would better facilitate your learning? 5. What do you think would be important to change in next year’s English 2, for the units we have covered so far? 6. Any other comments/thoughts/complaints/suggestions? Anything else you would like me to know at this point in the semester?...
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