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RC 2 Unit 2 Peer Review worksheet

RC 2 Unit 2 Peer Review worksheet - Engl 1002 Sections...

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Engl 1002 Sections 103/9 Ms. Bobbitt W RITING C ONVENTIONS Questions Comments Rhetorical Negotiation of P URPOSE & A UDIENCE How effectively do the introduction and thesis statement expresses the assigned purpose of evaluating coverage of an event by multiple U.S. & international news media? How well does the paper develop the argument by applying clearly articulated evaluative criteria based on the unit’s readings about good quality journalism? • Does the introduction effectively yet briefly provide needed contextual information regarding the event? How well does the author address the class and teacher as the audience, keeping in mind their familiarity with basic concepts of news literacy? O RGANIZATION /L OGIC • How well does the thesis statement make an evaluative claim about the quality of coverage across media according to specific criteria? Does it include a claim that attempts to account for the differences in quality of coverage?
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