SW1 - about the cuts Trying to figure out if this story is...

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Tough choices' in Obama budget Walker denies deal with two unions Informing the Public Investigation Analysis Social Empathy Public Forum Mobilization Does not bash either party Bashs Scott Walker Publicizing Representative Democracy Does not say what the people want Cannot figure out if any deals were cut Obama will send Congress a $3  Trillion puls budget for 2012 Walker is not paying back the Miwaukee  police and fir unions It shows how the other side feels 
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Unformatted text preview: about the cuts Trying to figure out if this story is true or not It shows how and why Obama is making cuts Taking view points from every party involved Tells what the public is going to get out of it Has mini stories within the article about the firefighters and police men Shows the views of the Republican party Shows the view of Walker, firefighters and police men...
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