Unit 2 Rough Draft

Unit 2 Rough Draft - Beau Backhaus 3/9/2010 Ms. Bobbitt...

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Beau Backhaus 3/9/2010 Ms. Bobbitt English 1002 Coverage around the World We would all like to imagine that what we read or here in the news is the honest truth; in reality though the news may come across as untruthful and more favorable to one side. To show that the previous comment is true this paper will be based around five articles all with the same subject matter. These five articles come from different publishers from around the globe but cover one international story. The story that these articles cover is about a group of Somali pirates killing four Americans. All of the five articles bring a different view point and facts to the table. Since all of the articles are different how do we sift through what is fact and what is fiction? There is no real true answer to this question; unless you track down every source that the article used. That is why the news media should follow three basic criteria. The criteria that the media should follow is one, have a balance of sources, two, the amount of context within the article, and three, show no bias. Once the media follows these criteria we can then make a better judgment on what articles are honest and truthful. From the five news stories you get something in the lines of the following. While sailing through the Red Sea on their private yacht four travelers in their 50’s to 60’s were taken hostage by a group of Somali pirates. While being held for ransom the U.S. Navy was trying to negotiate with the Pirates. Days went by and the Pirates were getting restless and started to fall apart.
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While the Navy was putting together an assault team they heard gunfire coming from the yacht. The Special Operations team sprang into action and attacked and boarded the vessel. When the assault team was on the boat they killed two of the pirates and took the others captive. While further exploring the yacht they discovered the four American hostage’s dead. This is just a general summary of what happened on February 22. This story was covered all around the world but the sources that are being used for this paper is; Hiiraan Online, a news source from Somalia, allAfrica.com, from South Africa, The Guardian, from the United Kingdom, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, and finally the Chicago Tribune, from Chicago Illinois. All of these articles can be applied to each and every criterion, but let’s expand on criteria one, balance of sources, and see how well each article goes about following or disobeying this rule. First how does a balance of sources contribute to a better overall news article? If a news article has a balance of sources this means that the article has quotes from both sides of the event. It is not only enough to have quotes from both sides but if the writer wrote the same
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Unit 2 Rough Draft - Beau Backhaus 3/9/2010 Ms. Bobbitt...

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