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4/7/2011 Greetings Pedro, Thank you for peer reviewing my Unit Three paper, but it is not like you had a choice. I received some really good feedback about my paper it was really helpful. From this process I learned that my papers grammar was a little bit off. It was not the feedback I was expecting to I don’t know why I didn’t catch those tiny mistakes. In all honesty though your paper does have a lot more feelings involved in it. You share a deeper connection with you story than I do with mine. After reading yours I tried to make my story touching I guess. I liked doing the exercise where we had to read our papers out loud.
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Unformatted text preview: I know your throat was not up to par but it still got the point across. By reading our papers out loud we could see where they were stumbling which indicated that the wording was weird. From my last paper I know my use of grammar is a huge improvement. Throughout the course of this unit the most helpful activity for me was probably reading all of the different “My Turn” essays. This was pretty much the bases for our entire paper. There were many different examples so it was not hard to find an essay that fit your style. I hope Ms. Bobbitt will notice how strong my introduction and conclusion are. Regards, Beau Backhaus...
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