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Beau Backhaus English 1002 Ms. Bobbitt Short Write Two It was a cold gloomy day for Carpenter Tower; the radiators were broken. While doing some math homework in my room I ran into a little road bump so like always I ran to the room of one of my friends Bobby Kaiser. As I passed the room 401 sign I noticed it was significantly colder in his room than my. This was due to the fact that Bobby and his roommate Will were in another pointless argument. Bobby was just putting down his PlayStation controller when Will asked him “hey you guys believe in global warming right?” Like always Bobby and I gave him the answer that he did not want to hear which was a strict no. All of a sudden Will approaches me, standing in my shadow, and tells me “I wouldn’t expect you to understand you’re a T- bagger.” After this remark I take a glace over at Bobby by this point has a little smirk on his face then back at Will and respond with a calm “what the hell does that mean?” Will returns to the center of the room being in-between me and Bobby. Takes a glance at
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