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Unit 3 Short Write 3

Unit 3 Short Write 3 - Beau Backhaus English 1002 Ms...

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Beau Backhaus English 1002 Ms. Bobbitt 3/29/2011 Choose Your Words Carefully It is undeniable that throughout history and up to today that there is a ranking system in society. Marginalization is the process in where you wind up being at the bottom of the totem pole. There are many ways in which you may become marginalized but that is in the eyes of the beholder. You could wind up at the bottom for your race, income, where you live, sex, religion, and even political views. Within America and some Middle East countries today people have become marginalized based on their political views, as for my example me and also my dorm floor friend. When I have problems with a math problem I always find myself going into my friend Bobby’s room for help. On this particular day Bobby and his roommate Will were going at it about if global warming was real or not. Typically in life republicans do not believe in global warming while democrats do. In response to this I and Bobby said in a typical way “no”. From this response Will came back at us and said that is just plain ignorance.
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