Unit 4 Note Cards

Unit 4 Note Cards - • Saves the camp money • Fixing...

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Good Morning Unit 4 Presentation YMCA Camp Matawa Issues and Concerns Background Information Employed for 3 years Summer job 1 year as a camp counselor o Found out it wasn’t for me 2 years as maintenance Problems Counselors got burned out mid-way through season Main reasons o Not allowed to go home o Got sick of eating camp food o Do not get paid decent wages for the time they spend Fixing Problem 1 Counselors live within 20 min. radius Counselors can leave camp from 10 – 7 Do not have to pay for sleeping hours
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Unformatted text preview: • Saves the camp money • Fixing Problem 2 • ½ the moneys saved invest in the meal plans • Better quality food • Not the same menu week after week o Had spaghetti every Tuesday and same pizza Friday • Fixing Problem 3 • Other ½ of money goes to pay increase for counselors • Results • You get a more satisfied staff • It is a win-win for both counselors and the camp • Counselors needs are met • The Y does not loose any money QUESTIONS ??? THANK YOU...
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Unit 4 Note Cards - • Saves the camp money • Fixing...

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