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Unit 4 Short Write 2 - Carpenter Tower. Due to the simple...

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Date: April 17, 2011 To: Ms. Bobbitt From: Beau Backhaus, Carpenter Tower Resident Subject: Frequently Broken Elevators My name is Beau Backhaus and I am currently a resident of Carpenter Tower. Carpenter Tower is one of the nicest residence halls that Marquette University has to offer; but every rose has its thorn. The problem with Carpenter Tower is that the elevators break down very frequently. Most of the time the elevators do break down there are students inside for example my friend John. Although the designs of elevators are clearly simple it does not take much to keep them maintained. In an ultimate world an elevator would never break down or get stuck. In my eighteen years of life I have never seen, if any, an elevator break down more than the ones at
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Unformatted text preview: Carpenter Tower. Due to the simple design of an elevator shaft elevators should not get stuck. The entire elevator is a giant pulley system with weights on each side. With this there should be minimum maintenance checks. There are many businesses that use elevators and not once have I seen an out of order sign on one of the doors. Within Carpenter Tower this is not the case because kids keep on getting stuck in the elevators. This causes a real problem and could potentially put the students life in harms way. What if a student had gotten stuck in the elevator and then randomly a fire breaks out within the building. I do not know if anybody would even check the elevators. In the mean time I guess the elevators will still continue to break down....
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