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1 - 101m” 1311 lied uman Anatomy pKin 3214K Test 2 112007...

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Unformatted text preview: 101m” 1311* lied uman Anatomy pKin 3214K Test 2 112007 ' 1. The force of flexion at the elbow varies by position of the hand during contraction. This va ‘ the‘lOcati'onzofrinsertionof: @ brachioradialis biceps brachii c. brachialis (1. remains constant at all positions of the hand 2. Tl/ie cells that act as proton pumps increasing acidity 1n the stomach are: /a’./ tenia coli C13. zymogenic cells /e./ chief cells (CD parietal cells f goblet cells 3. Shrugging of the shoulders 13 an example of: upward rotation at the shoulder girdle elevation of the shoulder joint abduction of the shoulder joint elevation of the shoulder girdle adduction of the shoulder girdle F‘@PP‘. 4. Coracobrachialis: (é) adducts the shOulder joint elevates the shoulder girdle c. medially rotates the shoulderjoint d depresses the clavicle e none of the above 5. Which one of the following muscles does not help in flexion at the shoulder joint? deltoid b pectoralis major e. coracobrachialis @ teres major e two of the above 6. Lowering yourself from the bar during a chin up: is flexion at the elbow is flexion at the shoulder joint (C; has the biceps brachii as a prime mover a & c b & c 7. Which one of the following is passed thirdly by food going through the digestive tract? (1a? ileum . cecum c. duodenum d. jejunum 8. Which one of the fol lowing is passed thirdly by digestive waste P a. sigmoid colon b. ascending colon Q descending colon @ transverse colon "13174.; r‘ue to 17A ...
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