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Stan Blinson Sociology 10/20/10 Assignment #6 The ideology of the American Dream is supposed to be made up of our health, values, politics, income, and family life. Although they are very thorough most of Americans do not consider the “American Dream” to be made up or based on all these things. When people say they are “living the American Dream”, most of the time they mainly refer to the amount of income they currently have or don’t have. It is this that constantly raises questions and debate over and many employers keep it around for moral. Most people need something in life that they can hang on to or look forward to.
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Unformatted text preview: Some turn towards religion however I believe that most people look at the idea of the American dream as a goal to reach or something to strive towards. This brings me to my next point. The American dream, as defined in our book, I believe very much so exist and is a great way of viewing everyday life. Although, again most Americans in my opinion view this American Dream simply on income or current job based idea. Having said this, I believe the American Dream is a myth and cannot be a sufficient way of thinking due to the skewed results of who thinks what about it....
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