Theory Assessment #1

Theory Assessment #1 - AUSLAN ESSAY 1000-1200 words The...

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The article 'The Island Adaptation to Deafness' (taken from “Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language”, Groce, N. 1985) was of great interest in its discussion of hereditary deafness in the community at Martha's Vineyard, and the community attitude to overcoming this potentially divisive situation. Choice of appropriate material: The article was articulate and well laid out, making it very accessible to the reader. It is also well researched containing numerous quotes from her informants, giving us another viewpoint, as well as many references to other academic resources. It was particularly fascinating for me to read as it is written using information gathered from the authors personal visitations to Martha's Vineyard, interviews with many members of that community, and her curiosity into what may have caused such a high level of deafness in such a small community. The approach she has taken has allowed her to gather personal accounts, enabling her to find out more about the history of this genetic trait and of those who carried it, and about how the local community and the deaf themselves adjusted to these circumstances. It was good to note however, that in writing the article, she is careful to keep her view neutral and unbiased, and generally does not add to the facts but relays the information she has gathered in a straight forward style. Identify intended audience: On reading the article I felt that it does not seem to throw itself at one particular group of people. It comes across as being written for a broad spectrum of backgrounds, in an everyday style of English. It has an inviting tone making it very readable. Another factor that also contributes to the article's readability is the fact that, in addition to the author's many written sources, much of the books information came from oral sources. This seems to be due to the fact that many of the written resources about the Vineyard contained little information on the subject of deafness, if any at all. The author's use of oral history sourced from
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Theory Assessment #1 - AUSLAN ESSAY 1000-1200 words The...

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