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2004 EXAM1 - Biochemistry 404 Exam 1 Name Please mark your...

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Biochemistry 404 Exam 1. 9/20/04 Name____________________ Please mark your answers on the answer sheet provided. There is intended to be only one answer for each question. If you feel that more than one answer is correct, choose the one that "best" answers the question. PLEASE mark your 9 digit ID number in the "ID number" section of the answer sheet. This is NOT your social security number; it is the middle section of numbers on your ISU card. [1] Hydrogen bonding can be thought of fundamentally as an example of: 1) covalent bonding; b) van der Waals forces; c) hydrophobic forces; d) electrostatic interactions; e) none of these. [2] Which of the following properties is NOT true of water as a solvent: a) it is polar; b) it can participate in hydrogen bonds; c) it contains hydrophobic patches to stabilize proteins; d) it drives the hydrophobic effect by maximizing polar interactions; d) it can serve as either a hydrogen bond donor or acceptor. [3] Total entropy increases for spontaneous reactions : a) always; b) unless G is positive; c) unless G is negative; d) only if heat is released [4] The "RNA world" hypothesis proposes that: a) the prebiotic world had a reducing atmosphere; b) the first replicating molecules were RNA; c) the first living organisms used RNA as a sole carbon source; d) RNA evolved into protein; e) ribozymes were the first living organisms; f) current ribozymes were the first replicating molecules. [5] Which of the following amino acid has "L" stereochemistry? [6] Which reagent listed below is used in Edman degradation? a) CNBr; b) phenyl isothiocyanate; c) urea; d) mercaptoethanol/dithiothreitol; e) chymotrypsin; f) trypsin; g) 6N HCl; h) dansyl chloride [7] Mass Spectrometry separates identifiable units based on: a) laser capture; b) mass/charge ratio; c) beam splitting; d) electric field 1 C H CH 3 COOH NH 2 C NH 2 CH 3 COOH H C H NH 2 COOH CH 3 C H CH 3 NH 2 HOOC a) b) c) d)
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[8] Which of the following is true about oxygen and the evolution of species: a) oxygen levels decreased about 2 billion years ago due to photosynthesis; b) oxygen levels increased about 2 billion years ago due to photosynthesis; c) the prebiotic world is thought to have contained high concentrations of oxygen; d) eukaryotic cell structure evolved as a result of oxygen; e) prokaryotic cell structure evolved as a result of oxygen. [9] Which of the following molecules are capable of self replication: a) DNA and RNA; b) DNA; c) RNA; d) ribozymes; e) all of these; f) none of these [10] Which of the following peptides is most likely to bind a cation exchange column (like carboxymethyl cellulose) at pH 7? a) LIQVTW; b) FYTVIS; c) DENLWV; d) VEQPLI; e) KRVIRK
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