Food Intake-1 Day-Week 1 - Running Head FOOD INTAKE 1"Food...

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Running Head: FOOD INTAKE 1 “Food Intake- 1 Day” Gabriela Gonzalez SCI/220-Human Nutrition Instructor: Danyel Anderson February 7, 2011
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FOOD INTAKE- 1 DAY 2 Food Intake One Day Obesity has been a major problem and concern in the United State s . An article by Family Circle, mentions “that average family consumes 2,700 calories daily by men and women. In a year, 23 pounds of pizza, 29 pounds of French fries, 53 gallon of soda, and 73.6 of poultry” (Family Circle, 2011, January article). A healthy lifestyle is important part of a person life. For a daily diet nutritional and calories awareness is one step to understand a person eating habits. Nutrition is Nutrition can be termed as the procedure wherein one nourishes oneself with the intake of nutrients in the form of food. The principal motive for such a process is that it is essential for growth and development of the body. It is a lso crucial in the substitution of tissues ” (Blurtit). Keeping a healthy diet can sometimes be difficult but developing an understanding of the calories intake, portion size, and the nutrients the body acquires can be a manageable education. I have
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Food Intake-1 Day-Week 1 - Running Head FOOD INTAKE 1"Food...

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