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Communications 100: Mass Media and Society COURSE DESCRIPTION A 3-hour lecture survey of the contemporary mass media and their auxiliaries--books, newspapers, magazines, radio, sound recordings, television film, the internet, advertising, public relations, wire services and the emerging forms of digital communications technology. I like to call it the dog and pony show of mass communication. INSTRUCTOR Theresa Villeneuve, (626) 852-8016 office in The Zellers Building, penthouse level, CI 303 My office hours are tentatively MW 9:45-11:15 and T 10:30-11:30 Th 10-11 . I’m in my office a lot, but sometimes I change the hours around slightly to facilitate my tiny personal life or college meetings or whatever. If you know you’re coming to my office, it’s always a good idea to email me or phone me so I’m sure that I’m not off getting my mail or I can let you know if I’m at a meeting. I’m also available by appointment if none of the above times are convenient. My office hours tend to be a bit lonely, so I’m always excited when people stop by. My email is [email protected] I will be available during office hours to take phone . Friend me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter: ProfV Also, I hate to treat you like a moron from the beginning, but past experience tells me that it’s a good idea sometimes: please put your name and what class you’re asking about somewhere on your email…I teach multiple DE classes and if you just ask me something like “how many questions are on the quiz” there are several possible answers in any given week. On the weekends, I sometimes answer emails but sometimes I bug out of here and don’t have email, so don’t count on responses until the following school day. ONE LAST NOTE about email: the number of penis enlargement emails has grown objectionable to the faculty at large, and so we have a very sketchy spam filter. What this means is that I still get plenty of graphic depictions of the male genitalia every day, and at the same time, some of your email gets screened out by the spam filter. So if you email me, make sure you put something course related in the subject line so that when I go through all of my rejected spam (which begs the question: what’s the point of the freakin’ spam filter?!?), I might catch your email in there. Sometimes while checking email I think my head might explode. REQUIRED TEXTS AND MATERIALS
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Media/Impact, 9 th edition by Shirley Biagi, isbn # 9780495798163 . Sometimes students want to know if they can use an old edition. For the most part, the information is the same. However, occasionally a quiz question will be difficult or impossible to answer if you have an old book. My guess is that 2 or 3 questions per quiz would stymie you. So if money is an issue, you can get an old book and probably still get an A if you do all the rest of the work in the class. My motto is: better to have an old book than no book at all. The book is also on reserve in the Citrus College Library. You’ll also need to download Projects for Mass Media and Society compiled by Professor Margaret
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Communications 100 de syllabus spring 2010[1] -...

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