Bem_insu_shivaji - IEEE Transactions on Diclccfricsand Electrical Insirlation Vol 7NO April 2UOO 2 I 69 Boundary Element Studies on Insulator Shape

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IEEE Transactions on Diclccfrics and Electrical Insirlation Vol. 7NO. 2, April 2UOO I 69 Boundary Element Studies on Insulator Shape and Electric Field around HV Insulators with or without Pollution S. Chakravorti ktiicnl Engineering Dcpartmcnt Jndnryirr Uniwslty, Cnlcutla, India H. Steinbigler liv&tulc of Fngincering k Elcctric l'nwrr Traiismissioi? Tecllilird University Mrmich, Munich, Gcminny ABSTRACT Capacitive-resistive field computations are carried out around post-type insulators vary- ing shapes. Thc boundary clcment method (UEM) has bccn employed for clcctric field coinyu- tations. Different insulator shapes havc bccn obtained by varying scvcrd parameters, which definc the shape the HV insulator contour. For each insulator shape, tlic maximum stress occurring on the insulator surfacc has been dctcrmined with no surface pollution, uniform surface pollution and also partial surface pollution. For partial pollution, scvcral cases havc bccn studied, in which differcnt sections of the insulator surface are pollutcd. Furthennorc, thc cffect of elcctrode radius on the maximuin stress on insulator surface bas been investigatcd. The results obtained are presented in this paper in dctail. 1 INTRODUCTION MPROV kMF,NT insulating systcm reliability demands progress I in thc design critcria of insulators. Failures of outdoor I IV insulators most often involvc the solid-air interface of insulators, As a result, a knowlcdgc of the ficld distribution around HV insulators is very impor- tant to determiiic the eIecfric stresses occurring on thc iusulafor surface, partsularly on the air side of thc interface. Several researchers haw computed tlic field distribution around [IV insulators under pollution free condition. Mukhcrjee and Roy [l] cal- culatcd the field distribution aroiind a disc insdator of simple geomc- try, Khan and Alexander [2] accurately modeled n practical disc insu- lator geomctry and Kaana-Nkusi cf 01. [3] studicd the field distribution around B section of a practicai post-type insulator. Ilaznndar et al. klj and Iravani et nl, [SI calculatcd the field around a string of disc insula- tors. All thesc works haw been carried out using thc charge siinulation method [6]. 111 outdoor applications, I {V insulator surfaces aIc exposed to atmo- spheric as well as industrial pollution Hence, the surface of outdoor insulators may gct cither uniformly pollutcd or partially polluted. The field around an insulator with no surface pollution is quite different from that with uniform or partial surface pollution. Therefme, it is CS- scntial to know the changes in the field distribution around an outdoor instilator causcd by surface pollution different nature and severity. Considering uniform surface pollution, Abdel-Salam and Stanck [7j computcd thc field distribution around an insiilator having simple gc- ometty, and Singer [SI computed thc samc around a porcclain support iidator. Takuma t!t nl. 191 computed the ficld, including either volume resistance or surface rcsistance, around an axi-symmetric spacer, while
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Bem_insu_shivaji - IEEE Transactions on Diclccfricsand Electrical Insirlation Vol 7NO April 2UOO 2 I 69 Boundary Element Studies on Insulator Shape

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