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Numerical Determination of electric field induced currents on human body Standing under a high voltage transmission line S. M. El-Makkawy Electrical Engineer Department, Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University, Port Said, Egypt. E-mail Abstract In this paper, biological effects of high voltage transmission line electric field on biological systems especially on a grounded human body standing under a high voltage transmission line have been studied. The electric field distribution on a human body standing underneath extra high voltage overhead transmission lines has been calculated by using Boundary element method (BEM). Induced currents and current densities on the human body have been obtained using computed locally enhanced electric field values. The induced currents and current densities in grounded and insulated human bodies are determined at the top of the head, at the middle of the neck, at the middle of the waist and at the middle of the legs. These currents are correlated with the safe limits. The electric field distributions within the human body are studied as a function of height of conductors of 3-ph 380 kV line over the ground plane, diameter of line conductor, horizontal distance between phase line, dimension of different part of the body, and frequency of applied voltage. 1- Introduction When a human body is exposed to a 50 Hz electric field maintained by an over head high voltage power transmission line, there are two types of potential health concerns. One of these problems may be caused by the steady state current induced in the body when it exposed to the electric field for a long period of time. Another is the real health hazard due to the shock current surging through the body when it touches a metallic object such as vehicle parked under the power line {1}. Ac electric and magnetic fields induce surface charges on biological bodies such as human body and a week current flows in these bodies. This is one reason why there is a potential for electric and magnetic fields to cause biological effects. Recently, it has been suggested that if there is any harmful effect to health, induced currents may cause this effect. The brain and heart were considered critical target organs because of their functional dependence upon neural cell function. A lower "no effect" boundary threshold, below which induced currents would not be expected to have any effect on the central nervous system (CNS) or other electrically excitable tissues, was also calculated. This lower limit was estimated from the field strength required to induce currents equal to those generated by electrical processes in the heart and in the brain. Naturally occurring current densities in these organs were estimated to be in the range of 1 to 100 mA/m 2 .A number of national and international organizations have formulated guidelines for the limitation of occupational exposure to electric and magnetic fields. There safety guidelines are designed to prevent short-term effects by
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inducedcurren_due toE - 2007 Annual Report Conference on...

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