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Using of FEM method for Design and Prediction of Static Behavior of Three Electrode Mid-Plane Spark Gap M. M. D. Attaran and S. Toroghi Company Inc., PulseNiru, Tehran, Iran In many Pulsed Power applications, three electrode mid-plane spark gap switches are used to discharge of capacitive energy. Therefore, the prediction of the influence of spark gap design parameters on its performance is critical. A Three electrode mid-plane spark gap has been numerically and experimentally investigated and designed. ANSYS finite element package used for static analyzing of the electric field distribution in the dielectric medium for designing spark gap switch with self-breakdown voltage 20% upper than desired operational voltage. In addition, we used FEM analysis at operational voltage to become assured that, before applying the trigger voltage, the electric field stress is under the self-breakdown electric field. Using this analysis at specific trigger voltage, we will be certain that the breakdown
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