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Unformatted text preview: 14 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRICAL INSULATION, VOL. EI-6,NO. 1, MARCH 1971 results,"ERA Rep. AT157, Jan. 1961.,Paper 61-758; also, [23] R. M. Fuoss, I.0.Salyer, and H.S.Wilson, "Evaluation AIEE Trans. (Power App. Syst.),vol.80, 1961 (Feb. 1962 ofrateconstantsfrom thermogravimetric data,"J.Pol.Sci. sec.).pp.947-953. A,vol.2, 1964,p.3147. [13] S. Whitehead, Dielectric Breakdown of Solids. Oxford, [24]F.Farre-Rius and G. Guiochon "Cinetique de decomposi- England:ClarendonPress,1951,p.86. tion de polyesters: Etude thermogravimetrique de la de- [14]T. W. Dakin, "Electrical insulation deterioration treated composition thermique du polyadipate d'ethylene glycol," as a chemical rate phenomenon," AIEE Trans., vol. 67, Butll. Soc.Chim.Fr.,1965,p.455. 1948.pp.113-118. [25] P. K. Chatterjee, "Application of thermogravimetric tech- [15] G.E.S.King, "Two methods fordetermining the thermal niquestoreactionkinetics,"J.Pol.Sci.A, vol.3,1965, p. life of silicone rubber insulated stator coil systems," In- 4253. sulation,vol.11,pt.7,June1965,p.31. [26] C.D.Doyle,"Kineticanalysisof thermogravimetricdata," [16] G. H. Bowers, "High temperature motorette system test- J.App.Pol.Sci.,vol.6,1962,p.639. ing: Evaluation of aromatic polyamide insulation," pre- [27]J.H. Flynn and L. A. Wall, "A quick direct method for sented at the 6th Electrical Insuilation Conf., New York, the determination ofactivation energy from thermogravi- N.Y.,Sept.13-16,1965,Paper32C3-76. metricdata,"Pol.Lett.,vol. 4.1966.p.323. [17] L.Bridge and W. Simpson, "The thermalagingof electri- [28]S. D. Bruck, "Thermal degradation of an aromatic poly- calinsulatingfilms,"Soc.Chem. Ind.. Mono.13,1961. pyromellitimidein airand vacuo: Part II,"Polymer,vol. [18]B.Kuppers, "Laws oflifeexpectationofelectricalinsula- 6,1965,p.49. tions: Test and evaluation procedures," Electrotech. Z. [29] J.H. Flynn and L. A. Wall, "General treatment of the Ausg.A,vol.88,1967. thermogravimetry ofpolymers,"J.Res. Nat. Bur. Stand. [19]Y. Saito and T. Hino, "Study of thermal deterioration Sect.A.,vol.70,Nov.-Dec.1966. of enameled wires by the mass spectrometer method," [30] P. M. DiCerbo, "Electrical insulating varnishes: Factors AIEE Trans. (Power App. Syst.), vol. 79, Oct. 1960, pp. influencingthermalagingtests,"presentedatthe1968 Win- 653-657. terPower Meeting, New York,N.Y.,Jan.28-Feb.2, 1968, [20] P.E. Slade and L. T. Jenkins, Techniques and Met,hods Paper68CP26-PWR. ofPolymer Evaluation, vol. 1. London: Edward Arnold, [31]R. J.Flaherty and H. P.Walker, "Effectofwire size on 1966,pp.113-211. the thermal lifeof enameled magnet wire,"presented at [21] A.W. Coats and J.P.Redfern, "Kinetic parameters from the7th ElectricalInsulation Conf.,Chicago,Ill.,1967,Pa- thermogravimetric data," Nature, vol. 201, Jan. 4, 1964, per32C79-67....
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71_dielectricloss_solidliqd - 14 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON...

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