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14 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PLASMA SCIENCE, VOL. 30, NO. 1, FEBRUARY 2002 Relaxation of Electrons in Two Space Dimensions in Space-Charge Confined Plasmas D. Uhrlandt and S. Arndt Abstract— The relaxation of the electron component in a cylin- drical dc column plasma is studied by solving the electron kinetic equation in two space dimensions. In particular, the response of the electron gas to a local disturbance of its axial homogeneity under the influence of a radial space-charge confinement is analyzed. Em- phasis is put on the visualization of the electron velocity distribu- tion and the electron particle and energy fluxes. Index Terms— DC column plasma, electron particle and energy fluxes, electron velocity distribution. T HE NONLOCAL kinetic behavior of the electrons is of specific importance for all plasma properties in spatially varying anisothermal plasmas, in particular at lower pressures and ionization degrees. Under such conditions, a strictly space- dependent kinetic treatment of the electron component is ab- solutely necessary for an accurate plasma modeling. This ki- netic treatment can be achieved by the solution of the relevant space-dependent kinetic equation describing the electron ve- locity distribution function (EVDF). Recently, a new method for the solution of the radially and axially inhomogeneous electron kinetic equation related to a cylindrical dc plasma configuration has been developed [1]. The method is based on the two-term expansion of the EVDF in spherical harmonics and is applied here to analyze the electron kinetics in a cylindrical column-like plasma where the axial plasma homogeneity is disturbed. One-dimensional kinetic studies [2] of the relaxation of plasma electrons initiated by such disturbances demonstrate the complex and distinctly nonlocal kinetic behavior of the electrons. However, the elec- tron kinetics in a cylindrical column plasma is influenced in addition by a radial space-charge confinement. Its influence on the axial relaxation and the resulting complex interplay in the electron particle and power budget can be analyzed only by a
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