AD806B66d01 - IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Vol 13 No 1 February 2006 211 Multistress Accelerated Aging of Polymer

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IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Vol. 13, No. 1; February 2006 211 Multistress Accelerated Aging of Polymer Housed Surge Arresters Under Simulated Coastal Florida Conditions Raji Sundararajan, Esaki Soundarajan, Areef Mohammed and Jason Graves Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology Arizona State University East Mesa, AZ-85212, USA ABSTRACT Long-term performance of polymer housed surge arresters under multistress accel - erated conditions simulating coastal Florida service environment in the lab has () been presented. Commercial 9 kV ethylene propylene silicone blend EPSB and silicone rubber SiR arresters were procured and used for this purpose. Multi - stress aging was used to realistically and meaningfully simulate the actual service environment that has the synergy of several environmental stresses. The various stresses applied include ultraviolet-A radiation UVA , rain, heat, clear mist, and salt fog. Summer and winter weather cycles were designed to apply these stresses cyclically as they occur in the service environment. This method provides a com - prehensive evaluation of the insulator, the hardware and its attachment. Coastal Florida conditions were chosen as the year-around warm temperatures and the high humidity challenge any insulating material, ceramic or polymeric. The evaluation was conducted for a period of 15 simulated service years of aging 15 lab-years in the multistress accelerated aging chamber. Compared to the unaged virgin sam - ple, the EPSB arresters showed chalking, reduced hydrophobicity, and reduction in hydrocarbon CH group molecules in the Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy ATR-FTIR measurements. The SiR arrester surfaces showed no noticeable changes in the FTIR measurements. However, Scan - ning Electron Microscopy SEM micrographs indicated increased surface rough - ness and disintegration of the material for both the SiR and EPSB surfaces. Re - search results indicated that multistress accelerated tests are desirable since they reflect the real world. Index Terms — Polymer housed surge arresters, multi stress, accelerated ag - ing, silicone rubber, ethylene propylene silicone blend. 1 INTRODUCTION OLYMER housed surge arresters are increasingly be- P ing used due to their various advantages such as lightweight, aesthetics, reduced size and non-fragmented wx Ž. explosive behavior 1-5 . Silicone rubber SiR and blends of ethylene, propylene and silicone EPSB are among other materials used for surge arrester housings. While their performance is in general satisfactory, they lack the long-term service history of porcelain housed arresters. Being mostly organic, by nature, polymers are more sus- ceptible to aging and degradation 6-13 than their ce- ramic counterparts. Their life expectancy is a major con- cern to the user. Hence it is of practical interest to investi- gate their long-term performance under realistic condi- Manuscript recei ® ed on 12 February 2005, in final form 30 June 2005.
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AD806B66d01 - IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Vol 13 No 1 February 2006 211 Multistress Accelerated Aging of Polymer

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