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On the Statistical Testing of Solid Insulation Systems M.M. Morcos, K.D. Srivastava Author Affiliation: Kansas Statc Univcrsity, M;inhattan, KS; Uni- versity of British Columbia, Vancouver, Cen;ida Introduction: The design ol insulalioii systems for power systcni equipment has been primarily deterministic in nature. Ncw matcrials were usually evaluated with a Set of valUcS charecteriring a number of propcrtics such as breakdown voltage, tensilt. strength, antl mehing tcmpcraturc. Safety fhctors based on experience with similar materials wcrc introduccd, and tlic iniximum permissible electric slress, lemper- ature, and mechanical slrengtlis Sor a reasonablc servicc lifc of tlic ma- tcrid wcre cstablished for design purposes. The determinislic approach might be supplcmeiited by comparison tests against an existing design with a provcn service recold. Designs bccmne slantliirtli~etl once male- rial properties are agreed upon by many panics. The deterministic design approach has becn gr;dually rcplacctl by probabilistic dcsign procedorcs. Thc iniiiii rcaon fiir this Il.ansitimi is a hroad recognitioii lhat inlaterial properties are variable even for idcnti- cal samples of lhe same material. In addition, the stresses to which the equipmenl will be exposed Eire not constant; they vary with ccrtain probabilities of occurreiicc. Furtliermorc, safcty factors wecl in a deter- ministic design arc often difficult 111 justify and are subiecl to be re- duced to savc money. Sincc a statistical dcsign pmceilure takes iill such factors into account, cquipmcnt with ii pmjojcctcd life under specific up crating conditions can he menuf;ictured more economicelly [I I. The choicc of tcst prnccdurc is dctcrmincd by the tesl ob,jective. Constant-voltage tests providc rcliablc comprchcnsive d;its for tlie dis- tribution Sunclion of the breakdown lime, but determillation of a lifc characteristic is time consuming. Rising-voltage tcst. sivc, but gciicralizatiim of thc tcst rcs~lt is difficult to implcmenl. I1 should be pointed out that solid insulilting inaterials are not self-restoring; a separale tcsl piecc is conscquently nccdcd for each ill- dividual [est. Since solid lest pieces are rclalivcly cxpcosive, reseiirch is fvrccd to go with a sinall numbcr of test pieces. Thc iipplicatiun of stiilislictl mcthorls LO thc smdy of thc pcrlbr- malice of cables with extriided insulation lids bcen thoroughly veriiied. Generally, all lhc authors agree on the validily or the two-dimensional Weiboll distribution, which is in fairly good agrccmcnt with cxpcri- tiientiil results. The possibility of carrying out the I~rgcsI nuniber of tests on miniature cables has bccii cunsidcrcd so as 10 reduce tir a mini- mum the numbcr of tcsts on full-sizc cahlcs and to cnahle savings on both timc and costs to bc madc. Ah, full-size cables were employed in the tests. Breakdown iii Solids: Solid insuliitions
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FA49F4E0d01 - On the Statistical Testing of Solid...

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