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SMT-310 Science & Technology For each chapter of your book you must: (in this order) 1. read the chapter, 2. watch the video, 3. read the outline with additional material from your instructor, and 4. read the additional assigned readings from the SMT Readings booklet for a test. The student is responsible for ALL the material covered in the 4 items above. Do this for chapters 4, 5, and 6. Additional assigned readings for chapters 4-6 (Exam #2): Binary numbers 11-13 The development of the computer 48-52 Periodic Table (make a copy for tests) 173 Taking the long way home 152-153 Harnessing Steam 89 (first four paragraphs) Make sure you complete all the materials for this test and take the test by the deadline on your syllabus. Use the FIREFOX browser to do so. To take the test, click on the “Assignments” option on the left menu then click on “first midterm” and begin. Once you start the test you have 35 min to finish it. You can not stop to continue later and you can not go back to a
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Unformatted text preview: question. The computer keeps track of the time. Any question answered after the time limit will be dropped from the final calculation of your grade. Make sure you have a hard wire connection (for example a computer lab at school) instead of a wireless one. Given the nature of on-line classes, we can only be responsible for Blackboard being up, running, and accessible; we can not control and are not responsible for any other technical problems external to BlackBoard (example: dropped computer connections, browser incompatibilities, etc.). You must use FIREFOX to take the tests; at this time that seems to be the only browser fully compatible with the latest version of BlackBoard. Please keep in mind that if there is a problem while taking the test, there is nothing that we can do unless our technical staff can demonstrate a BlackBoard failure....
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assigned_readings_exam2 - question The computer keeps track...

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