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SMT-310 Science & Technology For each chapter of your book you must: (in this order) 1. read the chapter, 2. watch the video, 3. read the outline with additional material from your instructor, and 4. read the additional assigned readings The student is responsible for ALL the material covered in the 4 items above. Do this for chapters 7, 8, and 9. Additional assigned readings for chapters 7-9 (Exam #3): There are no assigned readings from the booklet for the third midterm. However, students need to make sure they use the following website: http://www.novaroma.org/via_romana/numbers.html to learn more and practice Roman Numerals. Also, a couple of additional websites for other topics are listed in the notes and are available through the “External Links” section of blackboard. Make sure to visit them. Make sure you complete all the materials for this test and take the test before the deadline shown on your syllabus (the test will not be available after that and you will not get any credit for it).
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