chapter2 - 2.- The Road from Alexandria Gold used to...

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1 2. 2. - - The Road from Alexandria The Road from Alexandria z Gold used to “buy” goods and services (700 B.C.) z Touchstone used to determine gold’s quality. King Gyges (687-652 B. C.) mint seal. Yellow marks: pure gold White marks: gold mixed with silver Red marks: gold mixed with copper z Effects of money issued by central mint coinage: 1. Unifying effect on the users. 2. Selective buying and selling of more diverse cargoes. The first indications of gold being used as currency, however, goes as far back as the 3 rd millennium B.C. Gold was made into coins in order to facilitate transport and manipulation. The effects of the central mint coinage was the obvious standardization effect that came with it. This occurred around 500 B. C. Here is a sample coin from the Lydian kingdom of king Gyges.:
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2 Astronomy Astronomy z Alexander the Great founded Alexandria (331 B.C.) at the mouth of the Nile. Famous library and lighthouse. z Astronomy: Ptolomy’s “System of Mathematics”, a book on astronomy 127-151 A.D. . Also, the zodiac -12 constellations 539 B.C. z Knowledge to be used by navigators. z Burning of the books 646 A.D. Ptolomy’s book saved and translated into Arabic and Latin. Knowledge : Egyptians provide the first indications of organized scientific knowledge (3000 B.C.). However, we’ll start our journey 700 B.C. with the Greeks. In particular, we’ll start with their answer to the question about the composition of matter. Thales first answer was that water was the basic substance from which all matter derived (~640 B.C.). Fire, earth, and wind were later added to complete the Four Elements. By the 5th century B.C., Aristotle added ether as the 5th element
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chapter2 - 2.- The Road from Alexandria Gold used to...

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