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1 SMT 310: Science and Technology SMT 310: Science and Technology Objectives: This class is a capstone to lower division general education in the sciences. It provides additional knowledge in science and technology It shows how to study science and technology. In this class, we will follow the time-line presented by Burke in his book “Connections” to study several discoveries and inventions together with the events that led to them. For instance, we will talk about eight important inventions that will probably matter the most in the future: telecommunications, atomic bomb, the computer, the production line, the computer, the production line, jet engine, plastics, rocketry, and television. Discoveries and inventions do not usually happen as isolated events, on the contrary, they are usually the result of an entire process. An invention or discovery often comes as a response to a particular problem or need. Some other times, it is the unintended result of trying to reach a different objective. We will provide examples of the different paths leading to an invention or discovery as well as the effects the have on our society.
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2 Course Components: Course Components: 1. Lectures (PowerPoint and instructor’s notes) 2. Connections (Book) 3. Videos 4. Additional Readings (SMT 310 Readings) How to achieve the objectives of this class. We will take the “three-dose” approach for each chapter: 1. Read the corresponding chapter and the assigned readings from your booklet (you are responsible for all the material therein). 2. Watch the video associated with that chapter.
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Introduction_and_Important_definitions - SMT 310: Science...

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