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Chris Bowen PPD 240 Dr. D. Yoder 2 December 2010 QUIZ - PIT BULLS The main issue here is the dangerous nature inherent in the pit bull breed coupled with irresponsible owners exploiting this fact. It has been proven over and again that they are more vicious and bite harder than any other breed, on average. The media perpetuating this knowledge only fuels the demand for pit bulls as fighting and security dogs. Etzioni supports community life, which dogs foster. However, here they are a detriment. Etzioni would support the community organizing to take control of this issue and
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Unformatted text preview: present the solutions to government so they can be regulated. I would not go so far as banning the breed from human ownership. However, I would implement certain restrictions for the common good of the community that is threatened by this dog. 1. No pits and kids under age 5 a. Parents should not subject children to this, anyhow 2. No pits in public without muzzles (and leash) 3. In addition to euthanizing for pits that bite humans, owners will pay the price for all damages without court necessity....
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