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Final Project Information FBE 400X October 19, 2010 Project description For the final project, you will be going out into the “real world” of the LA real estate market and analyzing an investment opportunity. You will produce a before-tax levered spreadsheet along with several supplemental materials (described below). You will then explain the deal to your classmates in a 10-minute presentation to take place on Thursday, December 2 nd , from 2-3:50pm. Project Guidelines You may choose any property within the greater LA-Orange County metropolitan area within the following limits: The property type may be any of: Residential Retail Industrial Office Mixed-Use (containing 2 or more of the above 4 types) If you choose residential: Your property must have space for 2-4 tenants (in other words, a duplex is OK, a single- family house or condominium unit is not). You may not include yourself as one of the tenants. Distressed properties are OK. You may not analyze a rent-controlled property. A property is probably rent controlled if is it located in the city of Los Angeles and built before 1978. The communities listed on the linked map in black type are considered part of L.A: http://www.caltenantlaw.com/LAcommunities.htm . Other communities outside of L.A. have rent control as well: Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, San Fernando, Culver City, and Santa Monica. If the property is located in a rent-controlled area and is exempt from rent control laws, it will usually be prominently displayed in the property listing. If you choose retail, industrial, or office: Your property must have space for 1-5 tenants. If you choose mixed-use: Your property must have space for no more than 5 tenants. You should aim for a property that costs less than $3 million (for tractability and realism of a potential “starter” investment property).
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Recommended websites for locating properties: www.loopnet.com www.themls.com (Check the “Residential Income” category in Search). This project
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FPChecklistTimeline_400X_fa10 (1) - Final Project...

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