Age of Grand Canyon - Age of Grand Canyon For a long time...

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For a long time Grand Canyon was considered old. There are two major processes Grand Canyon formed. First major process is Headward erosion and stream piracy is a fluvial process of erosion that lengthens a stream, a valley or a gully at its head and also enlarges its drainage basin. The stream erodes away at the rock and soil at its headwaters in the opposite direction that it flows. Once a stream has begun to cut back, the erosion is sped up by the steep gradient the water is flowing down. As water erodes a path from its headwaters to its mouth at a standing body of water, it tries to cut an ever-shallower path. Second one is basin spillover. Basin Spillover as Alternative Causes of Neogene Capture of the Ancestral Colorado River is by the Gulf of California. Without Colorado River there would be no Grand Canyon. Geologists know that the canyon and the river had to appear within the last 80 million years because this is when the sea was last present here. When the landscape was uplifted from this seabed, an initial river developed and drained to the northeast, opposite to the direction of the Colorado River today. I actually went Grand Canyon and did not think about the age of it. Also, I thought it made by wind, not by river (water). I knew powerful hydraulic pressure can cut anything, but Grand Canyon was not one of them. I am really surprise of power of nature. The reason why I thought Grand Canyon is result of wind because Wind is an agent of weathering and erosion. Weathering is the breaking of rock into smaller particles. Wind moves small rock particles against other rock surfaces, weathering them. Wind will also drive water deeper into fissures, which could then freeze, causing further weathering. Wind can also cause greater wave action on shorelines, increasing weathering.
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Age of Grand Canyon - Age of Grand Canyon For a long time...

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